The name of the company speaks to our intent. We need your recommendation to be successful, so your trust in us is of the utmost importance. We want to help you design a beautiful environment and we also want to give you all the information you need to make informed decisions.  We attempt to work on one project at a time.  The design and remodeling business is known for its delays and problems.  We use every tool available to us to avoid them.

  Alice McCullagh, Lady on the Level has been remodeling homes for over 35 years. One of her design and improvement projects in New Jersey was published before she moved to Florida.  Click on the link below to see the whole story.

    Alice has a licensed 20/20v8 Technologies software program that allows her to show you “After” virtual pictures of the room that you want to remodel.  She has been using various CAD programs for 15 years and combining that with her extensive installation in the field knowledge makes for a very well rounded technician and designer.  If all you need are drafts (using licensed Vectorworks 11) to present to a building inspector for removing a wall, we can do it.  If you need a full layout of a complete remodel of a home inside and out, Lady on the Level can give you the presentation that you need. 

 DESIGN ONLINE:  Our web page contains instructions on measuring the space you want to design.  You can fax the information to us using our toll free number (888-963-7675) and keep in touch with us by e-mail through the process. We will set up a conference call to discuss your wish list.  Using shared pictures and ideas, we can come up with exactly what you want, and you’ll never have to leave your home.

  MATERIALS:  We will be your cursory guide and advisor to pick exactly the products you want to make your area beautiful.  Our product knowledge isn’t just in cabinetry; we know about appliances, plumbing, all types of flooring products, window treatments, countertops, and hardware and all building materials.  We also know where to shop to get the best deals.  

  FEES:  See our SERVICES & FEES page. You can shop for exactly what you want and pay through Pay Pal. If your project is more complicated, we will establish a price by e-mail or phone and send you an e-bill.  We discount our services to the Trades and give incentives for referral business.

  DRAWINGS: We are not architects. We use highly technical software programs to show you a virtual view of the design we have created with you. The drawings and designs are the property of LADY ON THE LEVEL until full payment in advance is received. Our SERVICES & FEES page has a shopping cart and payment available through Pay Pal.  Upon receipt of your remittance, we will forward your presentation using e-mail, fax, or US Mail. Our local customers can use our professional measure. If you are an online customer, measuring guides and forms are available or arrangements can be made for us to come to you.

  INSURANCE:   LADY ON THE LEVEL only uses contractors who carry liability insurance.

SCHEDULING: You may contact us through e-mail or fax and we will enter your project on our calendar that day.  All work will be done based on the day you contact us.  Sometimes we are very busy, and it may take us a while to respond.